The priority activity is to provide solutions. Stemming from a long-time experience on the real-estate market you can be provided with solutions by a team of experts who have been profiling themselves with success for several years. They have been working on solutions for complicated cases and above-standard requirements of clients operating or discovering the secrets of the real estate business.


company was established at a time when the majority of real-estate mediatory and advisory companies failed due to the deepening financial and economic crisis which struck the real estate market in the most significant way. The establishment of the REAL & PROPERTY ADVISOR s.r.o. company meant sending a signal to clients that the real estate market had been entered by a company able to provide clients with the highest added value–advice on how to dispose of real estates in these difficult and turbulent times, and thus returning to many owners the real estate, as well as replacing lost illusions and hope concerning their correct choice for future real estate investors.

The REAL & PROPERTY ADVISOR s.r.o. strives to be a strong, efficient, and experienced partner with knowledge, and provides for its clients, who have various expectations about the real estate market, with absolute understanding of their individual needs. Our company benefits from a comparative advantage including deep knowledge of the real estate market, ability of our team to foresee trends, its maximum flexibility and high working involvement. The services of our company range from initial analyses through quality legal and economic advice up to the very final implementation of the client's requirement.

Our Code of Fair Business Practise

The entrepreneurship of the REAL & PROPERTY ADVISOR s.r.o. company stems, except for the economic aspect with economic objectives, also from an observation of business ethics in all respects of its activity related to customer and business partner relationships. One of our unforgettable principles is our company reputation aimed only at meeting the client’s requirements and lacking that which disables a long-term maintaining of good customer and business partner relationships. We aim to master what will meet the set objectives thus resulting in acquiring and maintaining credit in the business world.

Both ethical and economic values are very closely interrelated from our viewpoint, and the entire team of co-workers of the REAL & PROPERTY ADVISOR s.r.o. company is thus strictly invited to assert fair treatment and behaviour in negotiations within ethical standards and legal regulations. All clients and business partners of the REAL & PROPERTY ADVISOR s.r.o. company can fully rely on the fulfilment of our obligations.

Our ambitions

The power and ambitions of the REAL & PROPERTY ADVISOR s.r.o. company with priority orientation to the needs and finding solutions to the requirements of clients are best embodied by our logo where a horse as a symbol of a strong, wise, and perceptive animal is pulling buildings - real estate including all related problems in a horse-drawn machine, thus symbolically our company is prepared to draw this horse-drawn machine instead of our clients.

The REAL & PROPERTY ADVISOR s.r.o. company is bringing and will bring real solutions which work and will work for a long time.